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August 21, 2017

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PHYS251C: University Physics I

Prerequisites: Math 165. Corequisite: Phys 251L.
Undergraduate College Credit Courses
Fall 2017

  • 3 Credits
  • 8/21/17 to 12/15/17
  • Online
  • Interact in a Virtual Classroom
  • Deadlines for Lessons/Exams
  • $339.04 per Credit Plus Fees
    (Subject to change for Fall 2017. See "Tuition & Financial Aid" for details.)
  • Eligible for Financial Aid

Course Description

The university physics sequence is for students majoring in science and engineering. Topics normally covered in Phys 251 include Newtonian mechanics and gravitation, work and energy, rotational dynamics, vibrations and waves, mechanics of solids and fluids, basic kinetic theory, equations of state and the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Students requiring a laboratory with this course must take PHYS 251CL.


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NOTE: Course information, including tuition, technology requirements, textbooks, lessons and exams, is subject to change without notice.