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May 20, 2012

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PPT301: Human Physiology

Prerequisites: Anat 204 and either Biol 150 and Biol 150L or Chem 116 and Chem 116L or Chem 121 and Chem 121L are the prerequisites. Open to Athletic Training, CLS, Community Nutrition, Dietetics, Nursing, Pre-Nursing, Pre-OT, PT, and OT majors only.
Undergraduate College Credit Courses
Summer 2012

  • 4 Credits
  • 5/14/12 to 8/03/12
  • Online
  • Interact in a Virtual Classroom
  • Deadlines for Lessons/Exams
  • $241.38 per Credit Plus Fees
  • Eligible for Financial Aid

Course Description

A study of the normal function of the human body with particular consideration given to the necessary background needed by students pursuing a course of study in Allied Health Sciences.


You will receive access to your course, which should include a full syllabus, by the first day of your course start date. The syllabus will provide additional information to help you prepare for the course, such as:

NOTE: Course information, including tuition, technology requirements, textbooks, lessons and exams, is subject to change without notice.