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ART110: Introduction to the Visual Arts

Prerequisites: None
Undergraduate College Credit Courses
Enroll Anytime

  • 3 Credits
  • Up to 9 Months to Complete
  • Correspondence by Mail
  • Independent Study
  • Work at Your Own Pace
  • Meets UND Essential Studies Requirements
  • $266.17 per Credit (No Fees)
  • NOT Eligible for Financial Aid

Course Description

Study and analysis of artistic methods and meaning in the visual arts. Films, original works, slides, discussions, demonstrations. Structure and meaning of visual art forms as revealed through the analysis of psychological, sociological and philosophical applications of art media.

IMPORTANT! You may enroll at any time and have up to 9 months to complete your course, but the credits you earn will be recorded on your transcript in the semester you register.  Keep in mind that UND can only verify your enrollment for the semester in which the course is registered and recorded on your transcript.  Registrations received from November 15 through April 10 will be recorded in the 2015 Spring Semester.  See "Register in 3 Steps" for more detailed information.