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August 21, 2017

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3 Credits
Interact in a Virtual Classroom
$339.04 per Credit Plus Fees
(Subject to change for Fall 2017. See "Tuition & Financial Aid" for details.)

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GEOE417: Hydrogeology

Prerequisites: Chem 121 or Chem 221 and Math 166 or consent of instructor are the prerequisites
Undergraduate College Credit Courses
Fall 2017

What Others Have Said

"I have taken online courses from other institutions and this is the first time I have felt like I have been a member of the classroom. The course was set up to allow traditional and online students to have discussions on the discussion board which really made me feel like a contributing member of the class!" - Wendi D.

"Online courses are a great way to learn." - Michael P.

"Online courses are very easy to use. I had smooth access and helpful tech support. The instructors are patient and great resources." - Kimberly M.

"I found UND online courses to be very organized and very well structured. I would recommend them to all my family & friends." - Nazik Z.

"Online courses are very convenient as I can keep my personal schedule, work, or even complete an internship while studying." - Alex H.

"Online courses are a very efficient way to learn." - Fernando M.

"I was able to attend class from home. I received the same information as everyone else in the class without having to find parking, walk in the cold, or waste time in transit." - Ryan M.

"Online courses are great for anyone that needs more time for a job or other activities!" - Melissa H.

"Online courses are great for people with children, jobs, etc. that would have trouble making it to classrooms. I love doing my homework in my pj's with a cup of coffee!" - Jennifer D.