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ART110: Introduction to the Visual Arts

Prerequisites: None
Undergraduate College Credit Courses
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What Others Have Said

“I think this is a great way to take a course if you want to work at your own pace and get a different perspective on how to take a course.”

“I appreciate that the instructor usually has the grade I earned posted on Blackboard within a day or two. It’s also nice to see the grade earned on quizzes and exams immediately!”

“Everyone at the office was very helpful and pleasant to work with. They answered all of my questions promptly.”

“I didn’t know if I’d like doing an online course but I like it so far! I’m a very visual person and the pictures and short ‘video clips’ are very helpful. Thank you!”

“I have taken a lot of online courses at my other college and this one is the most thorough and informative! Good job!”

“Thanks for the opportunity to study without traveling! And even better to study without postage and mail delays!”

“Every experience I have had with every type of administrator has been excellent. Not only were people very helpful but they were pleasant in doing so. This is my first experience with anyone from North Dakota and I have to say I wish more people were like those I’ve experienced at UND.”

“I have been very pleased with the class so far…It has been easier to work with than other online classes I have taken!”

"This was by far the best set up for an online course and response time. I have taken online courses from, let's see, roughly 5 universities and you by far have had the quickest and most informative responses to questions about the courses. Additionally turn around time for grades and feedback on exams has been 1 day at the most, compared to up to 3 weeks at other universities. I am not sure if this something that is a standard at UND, as this has been my only course, or if this is to be attributed only to you, but THANK YOU."

"All in all I had a blast taking this course and have gained a lot from it. I am glad that I took this course online; I think this is equivalent to taking it as a classroom course."