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How do I order my textbooks?

Refer to your course syllabus for a list of required textbooks. If textbooks are required, you should order them at the same time you enroll so you may begin your course promptly.

The cost of textbooks is not included in your course tuition. You may order your textbooks through the University Bookstore or through the textbook provider of your choice. To order through the University Bookstore on the Grand Forks campus, call toll free at 866-791-4888 or order online.

To order online:
  1. Go to: University Bookstore
  2. Click on "Books" and then "Textbooks & Course Materials."
  3. Select your "Program" as MAIN CAMPUS AND DISTANCE LEARNING.
  4. Select the “Term” of your course, e.g. Spring, Summer, Fall. 
  5. Select the “Department” for your course, e.g., Art, Business, etc.
  6. Select your “Course” by course number.
  7. Select your “Section” by using the “Section Number” found on your UND Campus Connection course schedule. To view your course schedule in UND Campus Connection, click on “Student Center.”
  8. Follow the checkout process.

The system will prompt you to register, which allows you to revisit your order if you need to make a change.

You may use your UND financial aid charge account through the bookstore during the fall and spring semesters. To do so, make sure to enter your EMPLID number (User ID) in the required field.

Your textbooks can be shipped to you, or you may pick them up at the University Bookstore in Grand Forks prior to the start of classes.

Do I have to buy additional software or materials for an online class?

In most cases, instructors will not require you to purchase additional computer software or materials. If your instructor does require additional software or materials, those requirements will be listed in your course syllabus (available approximately 1 week prior to the course start date).

For information about general software and hardware requirements, please refer to Technical Requirements.

Do I need to be online at a specific day or time?

You may access your online course materials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your instructors will set the deadlines for assignments and exams to be completed—just like they would for on-campus courses.

Some instructors may have set times for “live” Web discussions. This means that you may need to “log on” to your online course at a specific time. For other courses, you will not be required to attend class at a set time.

For specific information, refer to your course syllabus (available approximately 1 week prior to the course start date).

How do I take exams? Who can serve as a proctor?

Exam information will be noted on the course syllabus. If proctored (monitored/supervised) exams are required to complete your course, you will need to designate an approved proctor to administer those exams at a location near you. 

Please note that you are responsible to pay for any fees that proctors may charge for their services.

Approved proctors CAN be:
Proctors may NOT be:

You must designate an approved proctor at least 7 business days prior to your exam date.

How can I get help with my assignments?

If you have questions related to your assignments, your instructor is available by phone or e-mail.

Online students also have access to UND’s free online tutorial service, SMARTHINKINGTM. This program will provide you with academic support in various submitted areas, and it is available to use anytime, anywhere.

You may access SMARTHINKINGTM through Blackboard, UND's online course management system.

Can I get my grades for lessons and exams over the phone?

No. The University of North Dakota respects your privacy and follows the provision of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Because of this privacy act, your grades are not given out over the phone, fax, or e-mail.

What happens if I need to drop a course? What is your refund policy?

Semester-based online and distance courses follow the University of North Dakota's policies for dropping, withdrawing, swapping, and refunds. Please refer to UND Student Account Services for more information about dropping a course, withdrawing from UND, and refund policies. If you have questions, you may contact UND Student Account Services at 701.777.3911 or e-mail:

Note: The 1-time UND Admission Fee of $35 is non-refundable.

If I have questions, who do I contact for help?

If you have questions related to the course content, your instructor is available by phone, mail or e-mail. Upon registration, you will receive your instructor’s contact information.

If you have logistical, technical, or policy questions regarding your course, please see Help/Technical Support.

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