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Taking Exams for Semester-Based Online Courses

Each instructor will provide specific information as to the number of exams for the course and when exams are due. Some exams must be supervised by an approved exam administrator (proctor).

Students are required to designate a proctor at least 7 business days prior to the first proctored exam.

In general you will need to follow the steps below to designate a proctor. More specific steps will be provided in your Blackboard course.

Step 1

Read the Proctor Policy in your Blackboard course to learn who can be a proctor. At the end of the policy, you will be prompted to enter your Student ID number to access a Proctor Designation Form.

Step 2

Contact potential proctor to gain verbal approval that individual is willing to serve as your proctor. Please note that you are responsible to pay for any fees that proctors may charge for their services.

Step 3

Enter your proctor’s contact information into the Proctor Designation Form within Blackboard.

Step 4

The proctor will receive an e-mail notification from UND Online & Distance Education to accept the role.

Step 5

At least 2 days prior to your exam, you must contact your proctor to verify the proctor has accepted the role and schedule an exam appointment with the proctor. You must notify your proctor of the amount of time available for the exam (1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, etc.)

If it becomes necessary to identify another proctor, you will need to complete a new Proctor Designation Form in Blackboard (Step 1).

Step 6

Two days prior to exam start date, the proctor will receive an e-mail to access the exam password.

Step 7

To take the exam, you must show your drivers license or a government-issued photo ID card to your proctor. You will log into your Blackboard course, and the proctor will then enter the password to access the exam. The exam instructions will note if you need to bring a stamped, addressed envelope with you for the return of paper-copy exams.

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