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Proctor Policy for Semester-Based, Online Courses

Proctors are individuals approved by UND Online & Distance Education to supervise examinations. Proctors have the responsibility of facilitating fairness and integrity during testing situations.

Students must first receive permission from an individual before designating him or her as their proctor. Please note that students are responsible to pay for any fees that proctors may charge for their services.

Students must complete the Proctor Designation Form within Blackboard at least 7 business days prior to the exam. The proctor will need to confirm that he or she accepts the proctor role.

At least 2 business days prior to the exam, students should confirm that the proctor has accepted the role and schedule an exam appointment with the proctor.

The proctor will receive an e-mail with access to the exam password 2 business days prior to the exam. IMPORTANT! Exams will not be sent to the proctor until the proctor accepts the role and is approved by UND Online & Distance Education.

Proctors only need to be designated once per course. To change or update a proctor, students must complete a new Proctor Designation Form.

Please read UND's Proctor Policy prior
to designating a proctor and requesting an exam!

Approved proctors in Grand Forks or Bismarck, ND:

Students living near Grand Forks or Bismarck, ND, should test with the following approved proctors and must schedule proctoring services at least 7 days prior to the exam date:

Proctors may NOT be:
  1. Exams must be administered at the proctor's school or place of business; never at the proctor or student’s home. All exams will be accessed online.
  2. Proctors must verify the identity of the student (with a photo ID such as a driver’s license) and read all of the exam instructions to the student before he or she begins the exam.
  3. Proctors must closely monitor the student until he or she is finished with the exam and ensure the student does not leave the room, except for an emergency.
  4. To access an online exam, the proctor will be e-mailed a password link from UND. Please do not give the student the password for online exams. The proctor will access the exam online using the password and will be required to verify that he or she is accepting proctor responsibilities.
  5. Students are not allowed to open any browsers or computer files during an online exam, unless otherwise specified. Only paper-copy exams are allowed to be printed; online exams cannot be printed unless specified in the exam instructions.
  6. Students cannot take the exam with books, notes, or reference aids of any kind unless specified in the exam instructions. Students cannot take notes about the exam or attempt by any other means (e.g., by using a cell-phone camera or other electronic device) to copy any part of the exam. The student or the proctor cannot print or duplicate the exam in any way.
  7. If the exam is specified as a print exam, proctors must collect all exam documents at the conclusion of the testing period. Some print exams also need to be returned to UND by fax and/or by scanning them to attach in Blackboard; please check the specific exam instructions. Students are required to bring a stamped, addressed envelope for the proctor to mail the exam to UND.
  8. If the designated proctor is unable to proctor the exam, the student must complete another Proctor Designation Form. Proctors should not give an exam to another person or to the student.
  9. If the student is suspected of cheating, please contact UND Online & Distance Education as soon as possible at 1.800.CALL.UND (1.800.225.5863).

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