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  • August 1 (Fall)
  • December 1 (Spring)
  • April 1 (Summer)

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Current Distance Degree Program Student?

Bachelor of General Studies

Bachelor's Degree
Begins every Fall (August), Spring (January) & Summer (May)

  • 125 Credits
  • 4+ Years to Complete
  • Online
  • Interact in a Virtual Classroom
  • Deadlines for Lessons/Exams
  • In-State Tuition Regardless of Residency

You can earn your Bachelor of General Studies degree by taking online courses during the semester schedule. This means that you can work toward your degree from anywhere - at the time and place of your choice! Depending on your goals, you can complete one course every semester, or you can earn your degree faster by taking more than one course each term…it’s up to you!

You can also take enroll anytime courses online or by correspondence from the University of North Dakota to use towards your Bachelor of General Studies degree.

The Bachelor of General Studies focuses on your intellectual growth through study in the liberal arts:

By earning your bachelor’s degree in General Studies, you will: