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Geographic Information Science (GISc)

Graduate Certificate
Begins every Summer (June)

  • 12 Credits
  • 1 Year to Complete
  • Online
  • Interact in a Virtual Classroom
  • Deadlines for Lessons/Exams
  • In-State Tuition Regardless of Residency

Assess…Plan…Manage…LIFE—Wherever You Are!

What is Geographic Information Science (GISc)?

If you have ever used a digital map, such as those available from Google or MapQuest, you have used this technology.

Geographic Information Science (GISc) is the foundation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It is the general term for mapping technologies used by business, government, and education.

GISc integrates spatial data sets in the form of:

The technologies are used to assess, plan, and manage many facets of society, including:

What is a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science?

To keep up with the national demand for qualified GISc professionals, the University of North Dakota has launched an online Geographic Information Science (GISc) Graduate Certificate Program. It gives you a solid theoretical foundation in GISc and the state-of-the-art technical skills needed for a successful career in GISc.

The 1-year online GISc Graduate Certificate is designed for working professionals. It focuses on developing the skills and knowledge you need to work in the GISc field, including how to: