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Social Entrepreneurship

Graduate Certificate
Begins every Fall (August) & Spring (January)

  • 12 Credits
  • 2 Years to Complete
  • Online
  • Live Web Classes Held 1 Evening Per Week
  • Deadlines for Lessons/Exams
  • In-State Tuition Regardless of Residency

What is Social Entrepreneurship?

Social problems permeate the world around us. No country, state, region, or community is immune from problems such as poverty, substance abuse, lack of basic services, violence, and more.

If asked, most of us would like to help solve these social problems. However, most of us do not know the necessary steps to influence social change and make the world a better place.

The emerging field of social entrepreneurship equips creative people with the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge to confront and solve social problems at the community level. In general, the discipline uses entrepreneurial principles from business, sociology, nonprofit management, political science, and public administration to address existing social problems.

About the Online Graduate Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship

The University of North Dakota’s online Graduate Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship focuses on developing your entrepreneurial skills to enhance the social sector, including:

Through online courses, you will explore the:

As a graduate of the online program, you will be better equipped to:

NOTE: You also may pursue a fully-online Master of Public Administration degree by completing 32 credits of graduate-level coursework upon admittance into the MPA program.