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33-34 Credits
2+ Years to Complete
Live Web Classes Held 1 Evening Per Week
In-State Tuition Regardless of Residency

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master's Degree
Begins every Fall (August), Spring (January) & Summer (May)

What Others Have Said

“Completing the MBA program at UND will allow me to perform my duty as a team leader more effectively. The classes have been very pertinent to my work and the instructors take great care to tailor the assignments and projects to reflect the ever-changing real business world as closely as possible.

Without the distance learning program, it would have not been possible for me to complete my MBA at all. With a full time job and two little kids, it is very convenient to be able to attend classes in the evening from home.

It has been a rewarding learning experience to me, and I appreciate the opportunity UND has offered to distance students like me.”
- Varsha Kumar, National Information Solutions Cooperative, Mandan, ND

“The UND MBA curriculum is a great program, particularly for those located in areas that are remote from campus. The courses have completed my undergraduate degree in engineering and helped me grow into my current position where I am responsible for the distribution of natural gas and electricity to our customers over a five-state area. The knowledge gained through the program is applied on a daily basis.”
- Dave Goodin, MBA, Vice President of Operations, Montana-Dakota Utilities Company & Great Plains Natural Gas Company, Bismarck, ND

“Location was a huge factor when looking at going back to school. You can’t put your family on hold for two years, and I didn’t want my son to know that I was too busy with school. The cost and time of traveling would have added up quickly.

The convenience is great. Wherever you have Internet, you can access your course....and pretty soon you’ll be going across the graduation stage and thinking WOW! That went fast!”
-Brandi Nelson, Instructional Program Coordinator, Lake Region State College, Devils Lake, ND

“Earning my MBA will allow me more opportunities to grow within my company and elsewhere. It will give me the knowledge I need to continue to excel and advance into new areas.

The distance program has allowed me to live where I want to while still obtaining a quality education from a school with an excellent program. The ease of enrolling in classes is wonderful.

This program allows me to fit my classes into my busy schedule. The ability to attend class even when I am out of town as long as I have an Internet connection is also very helpful.”
- Shawna Hartwig, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Bismarck, ND

“The entire experience was positive. UND has a first-rate staff which has always been more than willing to answer questions. The Web meetings also do a great job in keeping everyone interacting. I felt that the online courses offered as much of a learning experience as traditional in-class learning from the comfort of my own home (or anywhere else I happen to be). During some of the semesters, I was very busy and traveled extensively, so it was nice to be able to take courses from my hotel while on business trips.

Being in Bismarck, there are opportunities when looking at MBA programs, however I wanted a higher accreditation than is offered locally. Without the distance program, I would not have been able to get the education that I wanted.”
- Dave Lehman, Bobcat, Bismarck, ND

“My Masters in Business Administration should give me the upper hand with future advancement opportunities within my current organization and/or open up more potential opportunities in the open job market. My positive experiences revolve around the vast knowledge I have gained throughout the program. The knowledge I have gained has also boosted my confidence for handling everyday issues at work. The availability of this program was critical for me to obtain my MBA. If the program was not offered distance, I would still not have my MBA today.”
Andrew Freidt, Chemical Engineer, Minnkota Power Cooperative, Inc., Bismarck, ND

"Being new to the distance format, it's been great for a young professional like me. The class scheduling and offerings also deserve compliment. Getting set up for veteran benefits was an absolute breeze with Carol Anson and her staff in the Veterans' office." 
- Nicholas Ingman, Online MBA Student, Army Veteran

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Priority Deadlines:

  • March 15 (Fall)
  • October 15 (Spring)
  • March 15 (Summer)