The University Of North Dakota - Online & Distance Education

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Certificate of Completion

Recognition for completing a non-credit (non-academic) course or program from the University of North Dakota. Typically, the certificate of completion is in the form of a transcript that documents the number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) awarded by UND.

Certification / Licensure - Exam Prep

To become certified or licensed to practice a specific job, a student must pass an exam administered by an accrediting organization. This type of non-academic credit course prepares a student to pass the certification or licensure exam administered at a state or national level.

Continuing Education Unit (CEU)

A unit of measurement used to document completion of a non-academic, continuing education course or program. The University of North Dakota defines one CEU as 10 contact hours (60 minutes per contact hour) of participation in a recognized continuing education program, with qualified instruction and sponsorship.


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Graduate Certificate

A certificate earned by completing graduate-level college courses in a specific field of study. Typically, 12 credits are required for a graduate certificate as compared to the 30 or more credits that are required for a master's degree. To earn a graduate certificate, the student must have a bachelor's degree and meet the admission requirements of the UND School of Graduate Studies.

Independent Study

The student completes the course by working one-on-one with the instructor. There is no interaction with other students. The student sets the pace for completing the course within a pre-determined time period, i.e. 12 months. The instructor does not set deadlines for lessons and exams to be completed.

Live Web Classes

An online course that uses two-way, Web-conferencing technology to allow an instructor and students to interact with each other in real time. To participate in Live Web Classes, students are required to "log on" to their online course at a set day and time. Students must meet specific technical requirements, including access to high speed Internet, a camera, and microphone.

Non-Credit Course

A course that does not qualify for college/academic credit or any degree program at the University of North Dakota. These courses are also referred to as non-degree or non-academic courses and are completed for career or personal development.

Virtual Classroom

An online course that is conducted in a similar fashion to a traditional on-campus class. In a virtual classroom, students will interact with their instructor and other students through the Internet, using Web-based tools such as discussion boards and e-mail. Just like an on-campus class, the instructor determines the level of interaction among students as well as deadlines for completing assignments and exams.