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Nutrition & Foodservice Professional Training Program (formerly Dietary Managers Course)

Certification / Licensure - Exam Prep
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Technical Requirements

IMPORTANT! You must verify that your computer equipment meets the minimum technical requirements needed for an online course. Technical requirements are subject to change without notice.

General Technical Requirements

Although specific technical requirements may vary by online course or program, the following general technical requirements are required for all online courses. 

IMPORTANT! For more specific information about technical requirements, refer to the UND Center for Instructional & Learning Technologies (CILT), your course syllabus (available approximately 1 week prior to your course start date), or click on 'live help' in your course.

Questions About Technical Requirements

If you have questions about technical requirements for online courses or need tech support, please contact the UND Center for Instructional & Learning Technologies (CILT) through our Tech Support "Live Help" feature.